Mehmet Akar

He began his creation with music in the early days of 2010, while studying at a university. His first set got recognized and broadcasted by Frisky Radio which scored him a monthly residency with the team. Soon after in a short period of time, Mehmet started working on his own productions where his first tracks got released by well known labels and got the support of many top Dj’s around the world. Soon in the years following, Mehmet got a chance to play outside of his country and at some good local venues.

Durring the summer of 2011 he proved one more time that he is on the right track by winning the “Next Producer Star Remix” contest hosted by Burn Energy Drink. As a result of his winning, Mehmet got hand picked by Sasha himself to join Burn Studios for Sasha and Richie Hawtin’s special workshop at SEA Institude. But Mehmet did not stop there. In the following years he released almost 100 tracks at digital download stores along with many Dj sets where he also provided free tracks to his fans.

Mehmet Akar is undeniably a genuine believer of music, and not of the business in music.